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windows 7 64-bit

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Hi alternety,

Can you try to add the key,
HKEY_Local Machine software\Wow6432Node\Wow6432Node
in your Ignore List?

I think it figure out the loop issue. Can you confirm (or not) that?

Janus Daniels:
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit; sometimes it works, sometimes not.
ZSoft Uninstaller > Analyze > Edit Ignore List > Add > Registry >
I'll try it for a few days and let you know.

Janus Daniels:
This seems to work; in 64 bit Windows I've installed:
and all of them show under the "Analyzed Programs" tab.
Oddly, WinRAR (64 bit) does not show up under "Installed Programs" tab.
The green progress bars don't always reach the end of their rectangles, but the program seems to work.
However, I haven't uninstalled anything.
Parenthetically, I'd suggest changing the title of this thread from "windows 7 64-bit" to "Windows 64-bit" since the problem seems relevant to all 64 bit versions of Windows.

@ Janus Daniels, thanks a lot for share your experience!

--- Quote from: Janus Daniels on April 07, 2010, 11:48:09 pm ---Oddly, WinRAR (64 bit) does not show up under "Installed Programs" tab.
--- End quote ---

Because ZSoft isn't yet fully compatible with 64 bits O.S..

In fact it seems that is needed to use WMI to read the installed software (64 bits):

Maybe the developer can clarify us.  ;)

Janus Daniels:
Thanks for reply!
I've uninstalled a couple of programs, and ZSoft Uninstaller seems to work now.
I've also posted this at:
"Analyse doesn't end..."
(sic - might want to change spelling to "analyze" for that thread title).


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