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Most programs missing from Installed Programs list


Hi there,

The only items showing in my Installed Programs list are 12 items I've installed recently -- everything else has disappeared!

I reinstalled ZSoft Uninstaller, to see if that fixed this but to no avail.

How can I restore the full programs list?  It is still showing in the standard Windows Add/Remove Programs dialog.

Thanks for any help,

I unfortunately have to say that I am lost :(

I can't see what should have caused this problem. And what makes it all even more strange is that it is still showing in the regular add/remove list.

Also, a thing I don't get, is that it is only old things missing...

Only thing I can tell you is try think of things you might have done before this happened (even though it all sounds very, very strange to me)

Oh, and are you sure you haven't added all the old ones to that hide list? Try disabling the feature "Don't show hidden 'links'" via the functions menu...

I'm really sorry that I can't be to any more help.

PS: If it doesn't work (and it probably don't) report back, and I'll try to make a debug version you can download that can point me in the right direction of what's wrong...

Thanks for your response.  :)

I exported the Programs list, and below is what it contains.  Note that the recent programs were all (except Zsoft, which I reinstalled) iFilter-type programs.  Not sure if that's relevant to the problem.

Adobe PDF IFilter 5.0
Citeknet CAB IFilter
Citeknet CHM IFilter
Citeknet EXE IFilter
Citeknet HLP IFilter
Citeknet RAR IFilter
Citeknet ZIP IFilter
MP3-Info extension V3.4.23
PDF IFilter 5.0 ***
ZSoft Uninstaller 2.2 *BETA*

Do let me know if you work up a debug thing, happy & keep to help get this working again!

Thanks heaps,

I've send you a PM...


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