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Could this happen when using the analyse feature...


Hi, I'm an official user/pain in butt now :D

Imagine you are installing something and you choose to analyse it, and you finish the "before analysis". You are also running p2p programs in the background and you finish a download. Then the installation is finished and you complete the "after analysis".

Will the p2p download be recognized as a file from the installation of the program, and be deleted if uninstalled through ZU?

If so, I think you should have a user editable "exclusions list" of folders, so the user can say never to delete files from certain locations.

That CAN happen - even though it is called "Installation Analyzer" it doesn't only record what the setup-file does.

Your idea about having an "excluded from scan" list is great :)
I'll add it (perhaps not in the next release, but I _will_ add it ;))

Great  ;)

Also, maybe there should be an option to edit/remove individual files and registry settings that have been found by the analysis. So the user can remove items that have been recorded by mistake.

Great idea ;D

My todo-list is growing big ::)

As said in my earlier forums, the best way is to add the update icon so as to fix any bugs or add any functions for the software capabilities...

Cheers :)


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