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Sequential installs, snapshots and out of sequence uninstalls

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Sorry to bother you.
Humble home user here. Point and click!!

I like the look of your app.

I just wanted to ask:
I'm not sure I understand the "snapshot" function

If I install and "analyse" 4 or 5 applications, do i have to uninstall in reverse order.

How does the "snapshot" work if I want to uninstall app No3 of 5.
Wont the snapshot be related to what has happened after install No5 and will that then not interfere with the uninstall of app No3 or corrupt the later installs ?


The snapshot taken records two things:
1. What files you have on your computer
2. What registry items (and their data) you have on you computer.

When you install program "A" it will most likely put it's files in something like "C:\Program Files\A" and some registry-items in "HKLM\Software\A". This is what ZSoft Uninstaller will record. When you install program "B" it will put files and registry-items somewhere else, and therefor not interfere with program "A".

In short, it should be no problem what so ever to uninstall 'program 3 of 5'.

Naturally, if program "A" is a framework, or something like that, that is required for program "B" to work, when you uninstall program "A", program "B" will no longer work.

Putting all of another way: It will work as if you uninstalled it any other way, except that it might remove something that the regular uninstall-function wouldn't, but as was actually put on your computer by the installation program.


Thanks for prompt reply  :)

Will be giving it a go.

I think that there may be some confusion because we're using two different terms to mean the same thing. I'll assume that by "snapshot" we actually mean each of the two "Analyze" stages. Is this correct?

There are two snapshots, then: the "before snapshot" and the "after snapshot." In the documentation, this should be explained as: "The program takes two 'snapshots' of the system [and state here which information is being recorded]. The first snapshot is __________. After the installation, a second snapshot ________________. The two snapshots are compared. In the program, the two stages are named the first and second "analyze" operations."


I'll do that. Thanks!


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