Author Topic: Uninstaller 2.0 is not going final... ever!  (Read 6904 times)

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Uninstaller 2.0 is not going final... ever!
« on: March 19, 2005, 08:18:57 PM »
Yup. There is newer going to come a "final" version of ZSoft Uninstaller 2.0.
The reason for this is simply that I have not found any bugs my self, it seems stable, and I haven't recieved any reports on strange behaviers either.

Whats going to happen then, you might ask.
First of all, development have not been stopped!
It's just that to develop you either have to add new features or correct bugs, and since the later is out (see in top of this message), it's the former that count. And I don't feel you can start you can add new features between a beta and a final, so the next version is going to be 2.1 *BETA*, something I hope I can release within the end of this month.

The new thing in this release is going to be a "install-monitor" thingy (haven't desided what to name it yet). What this does is that it dumps the registry and a list of files before and after you install an application - off couse you need to say "I'm going to install an application now" and "Done" ;o)

The program will then compare the two different dumps and save the changes. Then when you deside to uninstall (and, if any, have run the real uninstall program first) you can delete 'leftovers' in the registry and on the harddrive(s). Sometimes this would be a waste of time, but then some other times this would be a good practise sinse some uninstallers just don't delete it all...

As always, if you have any comments at all, feel free to post them in the forum.

PS: If theres spelling and/or grammar errors in this (I guess there is) is becouse I'm to lazzy to run this through a spell checker...