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Install packager
« on: October 09, 2007, 12:30:16 AM »

I'm looking for a tool, that can monitor events from point a to point b (e.x. application installation and succive configuration),
and then create a package to perform the same operations on a number of similar OS'es. (Copy / replace files and create registry keys)

My specific task is that I have a range of VirtualPC's (Win2K, XP, Win2003, and soon Vista) onto which i must install SqlServer 2000 or 2005 + 2 to 5 subsdequent packages each existing in several versions.
So I'd like to take a new WM  (Copy of f.x. the XP WM)
Run the tool to install the saved "image" of chosen SQL SERVER
Run the Tool to install my saved "image" of package 1 in rev a.
Run the Tool to install my saved "image" of package 2 in rev b.
And then start testing.

I remember that some years ago in a larger company I was emploied in, the boyz in the IT dep, they had a large professional tool that managed installation packager in a similar fashion, so they could force these packages onto our PC's whenever we booted.

I just can't remember the name of this package, nor am I able to find anything similar. (It's natrually a matter of choosing the proper search words, but after a couple of hours talking my freind Google, I must admit i'm incabable   :(

But I have found a bunch of tools like this that goes some of the way....

Hoping for a little "kick"  :o ....

best regards Henrik...