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[ZSoft Uninstaller] Suggestions
« on: May 12, 2008, 10:39:50 AM »
First off: Thank you for your great Software!

Oke now to my suggestions for the ZSoft Uninstaller:
(If something got already suggested implemented for/in the new Beta 2.5 just ignore it)

  • Add a function to backup all made changes. For example: Program XY created a registry key at AB and saved a file at AC. Well now it would be great if ZSoft Uninstaller were able to Backup registry key AB and file AC create afterwards a self-extracting archiv for it or something similiar to restore exactly those installation files later.
  • Add a function to create your own Uninstaller based on the analysis which you can share with other user.
  • Dynamic Installation Logs: What do I mean with dynamic? Well I thought if some user installs an application, e.g Gimp 2.4.5 and analyzes the changes made to his registry and his filesystem why not share it? He could for example trim the log to a minimun so that it really just contains the files and registry values Gimp really created. Afterwards he can share his trimmed log (trimming was probably much work) with other users who can import it to ZSoft and then completely delete their Gimp 2.4.5.
    So just one user had to do work and all other users could easily completely uninstall only the right files/keys.
    Well but you need to add something like local variables for ZSoft Uninstaller for that to work.
  • You could improve the log editor a bit. For example adding a feature that shows the registry value on mouse-over.
  • Adding a feature which got the same abilities as Unlocker to completely uninstall the chosen application and avoid getting a message like "Couldn't remove all files, files will be deleted next time you start...".
  • ^ - It's necessary to have a good-made ignore list else you'll screw up and destroy your system so it'd probably good to have a pre-configures list with some files/registry keys already added.
  • Adding a "hardcore" analysis method. I guess you need to hook the Windows API and some essential functions for creating/deleting/modifiying registry keys creating/deleting/modifiying files on your local hard-drive to accomplish that. A good library for that is probably MadHook: "choose whether you want to hook APIs in your own process, or in a specific target process, or system wide.".
    A list of registry API functions can be found here:
    A list of folder API functions can be found here:
    A list of file API functions can be found here:
    A list of disk-management API functions can be found here:
    Don't worry I'm sure you just need about 1% of the listed functions there.
  • Adding a feature which asks the User if all unnecessary running processes should be closed before analyzing.

Bugs I've found:
  • German translation: When using ZSoft Uninstaller 2.4.1 with the german language file and it asks you "Keep the log?" in german and you click yes - the log will get deleted and if you click no the log will stay.

Would be great if you took a look at my suggestions!

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Re: [ZSoft Uninstaller] Suggestions
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2008, 07:40:49 PM »
The 'To self-extracting archive' feature has been requested before, and is on my todo list, but it is not a priority...

The 'Dynamic Installation Logs' sounds good (and has also been requested before, and is on my todo list), but with different computers with different configurations and different languages I think it's going to be tough...

The 'Log Editor Improvments'. Added to my todo-list :)

The 'Unlocker-build-in'... I would like to do that, but to be honest I have absolutely no idea how to do that :-[

The 'Pre-configured Ignore List': Any ideas to the content? How does it destroy the system without it? (No, I'm not necessarily against this, but I would like a small debate first :))

The 'Hardcore analysis method': I have wanted that in the past... Then I tried... Several times... Erhrm, probably not a feature to be seen anytime soon (yup, I crashed my computer with this more times that I care to count :-[)

The 'auto-close everything': I would rather - somehow - draw the users attention to doing this themselves, rather than doing it for them...

The German-bug: Could I lure you into fixing this? (My German is soooo bad). I believe it's around these lines:
Code: [Select]
Wollen Sie diese Datei löschen?
Wollen Sie die Logdatei aufbewahren?
Wollen Sie die Logdatei löschen?

Thank you!
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Re: [ZSoft Uninstaller] Suggestions
« Reply #2 on: March 11, 2009, 04:14:35 PM »
First of all, thank you for this great program. This is my favorite uninstaller!

Some programs use add/remove differently, I mean, I can't use ZSoft Uninstaller to uninstall Java Runtime Environment from the system.
However, if I use Windows Add/Remove Programs menu, it uninstalls correctly. You can easily test it for yourself.

Best regards.


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Re: [ZSoft Uninstaller] Suggestions
« Reply #3 on: March 12, 2009, 03:59:54 PM »
Yeah, I'm aware of the problem, and actually it is already fixed in the build I have on my computer... I would like to do a little more before i upload a new build though... So stay tuned :)