Author Topic: Which do you think is the worst software to uninstall  (Read 11940 times)


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Which do you think is the worst software to uninstall
« on: February 08, 2011, 08:18:31 PM »
I would vote for any symatec software such as its antivirus or other. The registry is so riddled to start with not even symantec reg remover software will get rid of them. It just makes the setting null so are avoided. The softwares thread themselves around the os everywhere. Many years ago i tried it and swore never to use again which i never have.

Just yesterday i tried symantec norton Ghost in VMWare virtual XP3 os. vitual knowing how bad the antivirus is. It took forever to install and i could easily see by looking how much it has threaded through the system. The registry was awash with symatec.

May try it again under another virtual snapshot and test this uninstaller with it, may even try with antivirus all as a test.

And that is the reason for this post list the worst you have seen for uninstaling and maybe this uninstaller becomes better for trying with them. With your posts you also be helping to make this uninstaller better.

TBH i have yet to install and try it for the first time, just read of it on sandboxie forum. BUt any software that is freeware and clean that runs from danotions are near always the best option to chose. I know since my os is full of free softwares and hardly no trial or full softwares. I don't support many full softwares, prefer free not only for pocket but also they are mostly better featured and implementated (layout, usability ect) while using them.

Go on post the softwares you known other uninstallers have problems with together with direct links to them.

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Re: Which do you think is the worst software to uninstall
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2011, 12:08:33 AM »
Exactly, my question. Norton Virus keeps popping up. So I worked 2 hours on a project in word. slap slap bad didn't save. norton pops up. I pull up task manager. Its shows several times. I end task several times. Yup. You guessed it. 2 hours work. So I have 2 questions:
1. In word, I have a previous version of my project which, at the time, I did save. Usually, word has an auto save. Is there some way to get that work back?
2. did U find a way to get rid of that pesky norton? If so, I'm not a techi. Pls give me kindergarten type steps to uninstall it. Zsoft seems to uninstall everything else, but not that pesky Norton. I'd also like to tell them to quit advertising on my cpu. I don't think I ever installed or had it installed. thx everyone. InventingJoy