Author Topic: A little statistics and a little something else  (Read 7603 times)

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A little statistics and a little something else
« on: February 24, 2005, 05:26:22 PM »
Here we go :)
My ZSoft Uninstaller 2.0 program is listed on 5 sites that I know of - and I only added it at 3 of them; this is really cool for me :D
According to both Google and the statistics coming with my web-hotel this site generates about 50 unique hits a day - this may not be all that much, but I think it's great! This is by far the most successful thing I've ever done by myself. Thank you everyone :)

Now, my statistics also shows that 54.6% of you visitors uses Internet Explorer, and only 35.1% uses FireFox. There are more ppl using FireFox here than if you took the whole web, which is positive, but still IE dominates... People using IE: Give FireFox a try - you wont be sorry :D
Also, 1.1% (of the FireFox users) uses a version other that 1.0 - you should really update ;)
Both IE users and FireFox users using a old version can download the newest version of FireFox over at

Now a little 'please'.
I know that this is a relatively new page and that 50 unique hits might not be all that much, but I'm starting to feel lonely on the forum, and I'm also kind of running out of ideas to new features to my programs.
PLEASE, if you have the time and the idea post it on the forum! You find a link for it in the top.

Oh, also I recently received an email from a Spanish guy asking for permission to add my uninstall utility to a CD coming with the PC-magazine "PC Today" (in Spain). I don?t know if it was a prank or it is the real deal, but I naturally gave him my permission. He said it would be in PC Today's issue number 115 (should be shipped March 15th) ? if there's any Spanish guys out there (after March 15th) that can confirm that the app was actually on the CD or that it was not it would be nice. Thank you!

Call this it for this time, shall we? :)