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General Support / Prototyping Zsoft tasklist on beta 2.5
« on: March 17, 2008, 05:15:39 PM »
In development, we create a task-list where we define the task and completion time frame. Now, if we can prototype the design, we can save on coding maintenance. It takes time to program, i/o layouts, maintain, etc. Here my first phase, quick glance suggestion for product improvement. Please feel free to debate and to narrow the choices then we could do a poll if amicable solution not available.

Zsoft application file should be called zsoft rather than uninstall. This name does not properly identify the application association. Also, top level naming methodology.

The word ANALYZE under the magnifying glass should be called Zsoft. It is the main module where all things access and be done. Any user can immediately deduce that it is important to go there. It does more than analyze, it uninstall. It monitor an install (personally, I would call it zinstall to imply that zsoft monitor the install or change log of install).

Temp file finder has a lot of criticism. Backup should be where start button is. Search Tmp file should be the label of this pop box. By using this convention, we can avoid using start search and stop search. The main box is a search and so labeling ireduce to start or stop button label. By saving on real estate display, we have more room for sub folder in our selection and it can be seen. Showing as much information on a file name and/or path assist in our approval for removal process.
Recommend BACKUP, File, START, STOP. This is logical sequence of things from left to right.
- The word EXTENSION should be change to TYPE. By doing this, we have more room to display the file or directory information. Since we are deleting, we want to make sure we are deleting the correct file.
- The word PLACE should be change to a more meaning name. Path or Directory or adopt the standard used by most software. I mention to debate the merit and and for a solution.
-Since filename has extension, it redundant to have TYPE / "EXTENSION".
- OR by removing type in between file name and path, we increase the chance of reading a straight line of important association. Note, file type already mention in file name.
- Modified Time can be change to Modify. For it not only time and day displayed.

Please feel to critique and fight for wording. Just posting personal eyesores.
Rather than be creative, use standard that major software are using. They have full staff to debate and think for us. Familiarity is the key to simplicity.

In empty folder finder, start scan button overlap the L. Size of start button open to debate but I believe in uniformity of the OS system.

These suggestion open debate for additional refinement. I have additional simple suggestion for 2.4 that I dislike - pop up that is the heart of this product. Will provide if encourage for it takes time to type.

Temp file search error not recreated (my initial environment changed).  Anyway, have the bug report log and would send to you. Have a feeling it is an initialization problem.

Use this product on vista and allow zsoft to make clean snapshot prior and after install (dont have several things run, open, close, etc and allow zsoft to do its job=clean snapshot prior and after install of monitor application). I used zsoft on over 20 installation and uninstall and it works great and fast on maintain system(tune defrag hd, reg, and little obsolete data). Please note that when u do any install, vista does a restoration point and thus u believing zsoft slow and I have over 200,000 files on 200g hd notebook. This product works period.

Remember those 20 install I have as zulog files, I lost them all. Cannot recall what I did for I was evaluating various vista tweakers, using zsoft stuff that I never used before. Would be more attentive in future to not let this happen by copying  zulog of each install to my flash or backup hd.  How do I get clean uninstall of those 20 application since I lost those  zulog files?

Even if zsoft monitor this install of prior install (of course pror install is control panel uninstall then this 'new' install)  would not remove footprints of those applications. Only solution is obtain zulog from virgin install in similar notebook. Problem is I have only one notebook. Hate to use that other recommended software for I am still evaluating this product for I like snapshot monitoring , and now know how to make backup of zulog (export zulog install).. Oh, factory reinstall of notebook is out of question for I just did and it is very time consuming.,
 (installs, tweak  vista , firefox about:config. manually, defrags, remove demo/trial crap). Quick fix? Is there backup of compared analyze installed?

Just wondering on the internals of zsoft. If I save individual zulog files of application would that be enough for a zsoft unistall? What role files_1, hklm_1, hku_1 which are text files do in zsoft? TX.

Moral is make backup of your zulog if this is only thing needed for zsoft  and one product enhancement is option to save zulog on backup.(export zulog). Tx

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