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Trying to uninstall the Sun Java from the installed programs list, the MSI change installation panel is displayed, instead of the remove one. Obviously from the windows control panel i obtain the correct behaviour, using the remove button.

True... I'll try to do something about this...

It seems that all app. installed with Windows Installer (W.I.) need some special attention from ZSoft.

In general there are two buttons that comes out in Add/remove with app. installed with W.I:

Change - msiexec.exe /I {...}
Remove - msiexec.exe /x {...}

If ZSoft doesn't want that these buttons comes out in the interface, the app. uninstall process (to Remove unlike to Modify) is the one that is required.

If there is names "ModifyPath" and "WindowsInstaller" in the uninstall key then ZSoft needs to force the command "msiexec.exe /x {...}" to uninstall the program.

I'm not sure yet if I'm right...

I believe you are... at least that's what I found as well :)

So... One more good new to the next release...



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