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Hi there,

The old thread has become a bit long (and stretches over quite a bit of time)... I've been very busy lately, but should have some time to work on the software now...

Can anyone tell me where I left off, i.e. what do I need to fix before releasing version 2.5?

The only thing I remember is the updated documentation...

There's been some other good ideas, but I think it will be best to wait with them until the version after v2.5...

Thank you.

Good to hear from you again.

There is an issue with the new feature that lists the items to remove after the search for leftovers.  It is difficult to read the items since they don't wrap.  It is necessary to kept moving the bar at the bottom and the column sizers in order to eventually see the entire line.  It would be nice to have some improvements on this.

Build 90 uploaded (

There should now be "hints" that displays the full content of the line...

I am not familiar with the term "hints"--is this when you hover over a shortened line and then the whole line appears in a box?

Yes... Usually in the form of a yellow-tinted box (although that is up to the individual Windows settings)


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