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Great--it works well

Build 92 uploaded...


1- Can you clarify what is Badware Finder? Badware Searcher search for badware; when I click in Badware Finder I have an empty windows!
2- Noticed that "Only return Whole-Word-Style matches" is sometimes grayed. Mainly after I select Tools>Badware>Badware Searcher, and I'm going to Functions>Post Uninstall Manager and select a program, the "Only return ... " is grayed.


A- A right click option to Remove items in Post Uninstaller Manager window; same in Registry Backups window.
B- An "In-program help" icon in "Post Uninstall Scanner" with info like "Deleted files will be sent to Recycle Bin" and "A Backup (in Functions>Registry Backups) will be created for deleted registry items.

BTW, the post uninstall feature seems to be trusty.   ;)


--- Quote from: Admin on July 14, 2010, 06:15:29 PM ---Build 92 uploaded...

--- End quote ---

Where do I find Build 92?


1) Badware finder / badware searcher
The Badware searcher searches for 'badware', i.e. stuff that matches anything on the list you are presented with.
The Badware finder has predefined stuff to look for (currently files I have identified belonging to 'Zango' and 'PC MightyMax')...  What it looks for is specified in the four files 'badwareFiles.dat', 'badwareFolders.dat', 'badwareKeys.dat' and 'badwareValues.dat'.
The syntax (where one for instance can actually use '<PROGRAM_FILES>' instead of (something like) 'C:\Program Files') is probably also going to be used in a (future) 'share analysis' function, where an analyzed installation can be exported to this format, and one can then find stuff associated with the installed program in the same manner as the 'badware finder'... That's another story though ;)

2) It should *only* be grayed by going to Badware Searcher... That it is then grayed forever after is a bug... I'll fix that :)

A) Good idea.
B) Good idea.

BTW) What do you mean?

greyowl: Same URL as before...


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