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A version of "ZSoft's Photo Finish" which works under XP


Murray Menzies:
Dear ZSoft

I'm a poverty-stricken researcher/artist who's used PhotoFinish 3 on Win 3.11 then '98 wordprocessors for years to do all sorts of drawing stuff - mainly technical drawings.   Then I got a proper XP computer to go on the internet, and PhotoFinish didn't work any more.        And I've been looking and looking for another drawing programme to take its place, but can't find one.   There is talk about V. 4 in Google, but no leads to such a thing.   What can I do?


Hm, got a mail about this to... So I'll make this a sticky...

This ZSoft Software is not the author of any Image-software. The author of this page, and the software on it, is not the author of ZSoft Photo Finish, PCX Format or anything else that is not downloadable from this site.
I have however found something that may be of interest here. Give that a try.

But again, the author of this page is not the author of any software not downloadable from this page.

Thank you.

I don't think it has been answered in the forum anywhere (better make this a sticky) - I have been asked about it in a couple of emails though so I'll just copy past my answer from one of them (hope you don't mind):

No. It wont work. The best solution is to have one PC system using Windows ME, 98,95 or even 3.1. where Photo Finish works . PCX files from Photo Finish can be converted to Jpeg, bitmaps  or gif.


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