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Hi faithful users (;D)

I hereby invite you to beta-test the upcoming version which you can download from here:

If you find any bugs I would really like to know, so that it can be fixed before "public release".

The changelog looks like this:

* It is now possible to get the list shown as icons (Settings -> Show Icons) (It takes a little longer the first time, but the icons are cached so it should be (almost) as fast the second time)
* Updated Hungarian translation, thanks to DWz
* Updated Italian translation, thanks to Giacomo Margarito
* Updated Valencian translation, thanks to Vicente Adam
* Updated Portuguese translation, thanks to Rui Morais
* Updated Russian translation, thanks to Alexander Shikin
* You can now browse for places in the registry to ignore (Ignorer filter)
* Can now delete files to Recycle Bin (uninstalling an analyzed installation)
* Various fixes
Thank you!

New version uploaded... If you've downloaded it already, please download again.

These comments aren't about discovered bugs - it's a far more differences about.

* 1- Icons - Sincerely I don't like that. I know some users requested it. I would prefer that the icons should to be in the list before the program'description (replacing the green signal). Or... when the user select a program, on the "Info" windows the icon comes out (with another info like: program'folder, publisher, web site, with links - I know that we can to see this info with Ctrl + I, but it would a useful and alternative and with a good-looking  visualization; without, off course, the edit'feature in this info windows). In spite of it, no problem to me - I can to disable the icon'feature.

* 2- Tab's visualization - We have 3 tabs: Installed Progr. [IP], Analysed Progr. [AP] and Hidden Progr. [HP]. To distinguish oneself I use the features Grid Lines and/or choose Fonts.
V. 2.3.3 - it was more easy to recognize: [IP] green signal, a diverse font and lines; [AP] no green signal, standard font, without lines.
V. 2.3.4 - [IP] green signal, diverse font, lines; [AP] no green signal, diverse font, lines.; [HP] green signal, standard font, lines
V. 2.3.5 - All are identical: the exception is the green signal in [IP].
Ok, maybe I'm a confusing user...
But - it's my opinion - the midst tab [AP] should to distinguish itself from others. Sometimes I don't know where I am...
My sugestion is: a backgroud soft colour to [AP] - similar to the useful "Mark new Links".
Or... maybe the problem is mine: I have two eyes and I see three tabs... And I don't know where I am...

* 3- Recently I see that I can to save as text file the Recorded Info (Analysed tab). There are a blue icon (right top). Suggestion: a tooltip like "Save as...".

* 4- Before to use this application I didn't know de danish flag. My knowledge increased. Suggestion: to add the others flags - the user will appreciate that and perhaps it's a educational value for the users...

* 5- It seems that the Registry Browser are working well and it's practical. Like three of the five subtrees are subkeys of HKLM and HKU them aren't analized (and don't comes out in the Registry Browser). Am I right?

* 6- I don't tried the analyse feature yet - but I'll try it...

1. I don't really like it either, but it was requested quite a few times so I thought I'd better implant it... That is also why you still can choose to see the list the 'old fashion way' :) I may make it another option to see the icons instead of the green check-mark or the red x (as you suggest) though.

2. I'll add some feature so you can decide the background color of the different tabs...

3. Added (haven't updated the file on the server yet though).

4. Update: I've done it even though my drawings are probably not the best... (haven't updated the file on the server yet though).

5. Correct. The HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, HKEY_CURRENT_USER and HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG are 'virtual folders'. More information here.

File updated...


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