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ZSoft Uninstaller v2.5 *BETA* (aka 'please help test the new release')

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I've started the work on ZU v2.5 and it is not even close at being done (;)).
However, I have added a few things, and I might as well get your feedback asap ;D

You can grab the new beta here:

This is what's planned for v2.5 (strike-through means added)

* New tool: Empty folder searcher
* New tool: Autostart-program-manager
* New tool/feature: A merge of the 'scan-registry-feature' in a previous beta (note that this was removed in the final release of v2.4), the 'is-this-the-folder'-feature from when uninstalling and the folder wasn't removed and a new one that scans the start-menu and desktop for leftovers - all as a 'after-uninstaller-scan' (it should also be possible to launch it without a 'real uninstall' so you can use it to uninstall programs that doesn't have an uninstaller, or where the uninstall function doesn't work) (partially finished)
* Show info about selected program on the left (partially finished)
* Backup-routine so you can undo a 'delete' from the Installed Programs list
* In-program help


--- Quote from: Admin on October 16, 2007, 03:09:14 PM ---
* Backup-routine so you can undo a 'delete' from the Installed Programs list
--- End quote ---

ZU have a backup feature (TMP Finder) that the common cleaners don't have (e.g. CCleaner). To uninstall feature it hasn't... So it is welcomed.

A general "backup registry uninstall info" it seems a good idea too (just in case of...). A "backup uninstall manager" where these two kinds of backups and the analysed'logs backups can also to be include is an idea. Through that the user would to see/delete the unnecessaries uninstall backups.

Good idea.

Hmm...In this build, it seems that when using the tmp file finder and the empty folder finder, there is a tiny lag in the beginning before actually searching. The tmp file finder never did this before on my comp. Maybe it is just me?

I haven't changed the temp file finder, so it must be just a coincidence...


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