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Uninstaller v2.2


Grab you copy today ;).
Thats new in version 2.2?:
o Some spelling errors corrected
o A new tab in the main-program with the list of the analyzed installations
o Compare-engine in the installation-analyzer have been re-written. The old one was slower, and sometimes found "false positives"...
o A temp-file-finder that finds files on the drive you specify that are considered temporary files (*.---, *.~*, *.bak, *.gid, *.old, *.syd, *.tmp, *.temp, *.chk)

PLEASE NOTE: The "false positives" found by the old one is kind of a big bug... Please open any old logs with a text editor and see if theres something in there thats not suposed to be there (e.g. if you installed a game, there should be nothing about mozilla firefox or other software in there). If your in doubt - delete the log!

Have a nice day.


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