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Save before scan to allow a reboot for some programs


I think that this program could be used as a system restorer if you could save your previous system's settings  (the before scan) before installing a program that requires a reboot in order to run the program.  Then after the reboot you could perform the after scan.  Just a thought...  I'm not sure why some programs need a reboot, but I assume because it needs to change a file that the computer is using at the time.  Otherwise ZSoft Uninstaller will miss what it changed after the reboot.

This is already possible.

Just perform the before-analysis, close ZU, install, restart, re-open ZU, click Analyze, choose "Finish an analysis that has already been started", and perform the after-analysis...

Would it be possible to edit a listing from the backend and then save as new ? It would be useful for some people



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