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I have a AMD 1800+, for some reason, if I leave ZU open for a little while CPU usage goes to 40-75% even though it's idle/in the background. Mem usage is at 2080K. It has stayed above the 50% for around a two minutes so far and counting... ???


That's really strange... When it's not used it shouldn't do anything... :/

Did you do anything special before you led it idle?

Oh, and how many threads is it running? (You can see this in the Ctrl-Alt-Delete list under processes)

I had to stop it because my PC was getting laggy, what do you mean by special?

I'll open it again and give you the thread details.

Just before I closed it the mem usage when down to 600-700K, but CPU usage was still 50% or more

Hmm... With my pc-experience i seem to recall that when mem-usage is going down it's because windows is putting more into(/extending) it's pagefile/virtual memory...

I've had some probs with Apache (a web-server program) starting to use 100% CPU when it started to use to much memory, but to my knowledge "ZU" doesn't use much memory...

With "special" I just mean what you did, if you analyzed an installation, or searched for temporary files or something first...
I don't know if it's relevant, but I really don't understand why it did this sooo... :-\

Also, how long did you let it run? I've had it running for like 15 minutes now - and it is using 0% CPU and 2272 KB memory...

I didn't do anything special.

I'm trying to reproduce the bug again but I can't.

It took about 5 mins last time.

It happened twice before I posted this thread.

If it happens again, I'll make sure to take down more details


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