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I would love to see this nice program portable. Let me explain: by portable I mean, that it doesn't create or modify registry entries during install or run. So you could just run it from a USB-stick (or similar).

There are more and more "fans" of portable programs around (check portableapps or portablefreeware) and consequently also more and more fine programs that are portable. It would be great if ZSoft Uninstaller would be among them :-)

Eventually it could be done by having an option during install (like single user vs multiple user, where single user would write all settings into a file of the installation directory) or even during runtime (i.e. started with a certain parameter). Other programs start in portable mode if they find a certain .ini-file withn their start directory.

I'm pretty sure the program would gain even more friends with such an option, and stand ready to clarify any unclear points regarding this suggestion.

Keep up the good work!


--- Quote from: cmmehl on February 15, 2007, 09:10:44 PM ---(...) by portable I mean, that it doesn't (...) modify registry entries during (...) run.
--- End quote ---

(I'm sorry, but I can't help myself here) if a portable version of ZSoft Uninstaller is not allowed to modify registry entries it can't do much anymore :P

Okay, back on track. I've been asked about this before, and back then I promised that I would do it (eventually) -- this is still my intention. It will probably be done as a separate download that saves its settings in a .ini file - the file you download being an archive of some sort (zip, rar, whatever)...

I can't promise when it will be done, but it *is* on my todo list, and I *do* intend to make it happen (eventually) --- I like portable apps too  ;)

What is the status on a portable ZSoft Uninstaller?

I could do that, but will the installer modify the windows registry?  I dont consider a program to be portable unless it doesnt muck with the registry.

The newest beta supports portable mode in the sence that it itself doesn't save stuff in the registry.


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