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You have to be very careful when using registry cleaners from any vendor as they can delete important keys relating to MS Office and other much needed programs.  However, the "reg deleted" keys are usually deleted because another one has taken their place,
and to add back hundreds of lines of registry strings needlessly will just slow the boot process, and result in having to use one of those registry cleaners! 

It tries again every time you open the program (ZU) and keeps trying until it succeeds...

What if those files or keys no longer exist because the user may have subsequently deleted them manually, or a registry cleaner deleted several? 

In other words, at what point should be we edit the trydelete.dat file and remove references to programs that were deleted months ago?

Feature Requests / File comparison by version number, size or date?
« on: December 29, 2007, 04:52:17 AM »
Several months ago, I suggested that a good feature would be if Uninstaller could report on files that were changed, using size version number and date of the file.   I think the administrator agreed at the time and thought it was possible. 

I think this would be of great benefit as some programs might install their own Windows OS dll or exe file, replacing a newer or older version currently on the system.  Upon installation, Windows is supposed to alert the user when a program wants to replace a system file with a different version, but I get the feeling some may slip through, or one could choose yes when they meant to choose no.   Regardless, it would be interesting to know and see

a) which  file was changed, and 
b) a comparison of the two versions.

In addition, Uninstaller could be used periodically to just compare the OS directories.  Using a separate file comparison utility, one could copy and save the files_1.txt file in the Uninstaller\logs directory after a before analysis, edit the txt file anddelete everything but the OS files, and compare it as often as they wish by performing subsequent "before" analysis'.  The same could be done for just the program files (or one could also include both the program files and OS files in the edited files_1.txt file).

If this feature were included, an option would probably be needed to deselect the comparison as it would result in a slower before and after analysis for those who don't want it.

I've often received a message after uninstalling a program which states that some files or keys couldn't be deleted, and Uninstaller will try again.   Exactly when does it try again and how long are these items retained in the trydelete.dat file?   I still see items in the file from several uninstalled programs ago.

Even though I started this thread, I didn't look at the last few replies until today so I wanted to add a comment or two.

Using Notepad, I've edited every zulog file for every program I've uninstalled, and deleted all the "reg deleted" keys.  So far I haven't experienced any problems.   Much of the time they relate to MRU streams, but there are some huge "reg deleted" keys with very long strings that start with "REG DELETED!   HKLM   SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\Eventlog\System".    This "Reg Deleted" key was about 40 lines long:

REG DELETED!   HKU   Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MenuOrder\Start Menu\Programs

That one probably relates to the change in the start menu when the new program was added.  A great number of "Reg Deleted" keys refer to: Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MountPoints on various drive partitions.   

As I've stated, to date I haven't had a problem editing the zulog files and removed all references to "reg deleted" keys.   However, I would be interested to hear from others who may know of reg deleted keys which should not be removed when editing the zulog file.

General Support / Re: Best way to update to new version 2.4?
« on: September 10, 2007, 11:59:44 PM »
You can do whatever you want to, but the easiest thing is naturally just installing on top of the old installation. It shouldn't make a difference (except that uninstalling and then installing will delete some settings (both dat files and registry settings))...

If I first uninstall the old version, but backup the dat files, can't I copy the old *.dat files to the new version's directory?
Right now, I see 4 dat files:


They appear to be text files anyway, so I don't think it should be a problem unless you've updated the format of those files in some way.

General Support / Best way to update to new version 2.4?
« on: September 10, 2007, 02:04:44 AM »
I'm currently using version 2.3.  Should I:

1) uninstall version 2.3 first, but backup my Logs file directory before uninstalling, then install version 2.4 and copy the Logs subdirectory back to the Uninstaller directory?

2) Install version 2.4 and that will just write over version 2.3?

Regardless, I backup the logs directory and dat files as those are always needed.

Instead of uninstalling or writing over version 2.3, can I install version 2.4 into a separate directory and monitor the install of that with version 2.3?  This way I can save the zulog file for version 2.4, then uninstall version 2.3, and be able to have a complete uninstall of the Zsoft Uninstaller every time a new version is released.    ;D

The only way I can see that being a problem is if each Uninstaller version is written to similar registry keys.   If that's the case than an uninstall of an earlier version subsequent to the install of a later version could cause problems for the later version, as the uninstall of version 2.3 for example, might delete registry items just created by  the install of version 2.4.

From your first reply, I was under the assumption that you just could add  "Reg Deleted!" to the Ignore List and it would ignore any  strings with the "Reg Deleted!" tag in the zulog file upon uninstalling.   However, from your last reply, it sounds as if you can only use the Ignore List for before and after analysis.

If that's the case, how does one know what to add to the Ignore List for purposes of avoiding a future addition of the Reg Deleted strings  to the registry upon uninstalling a program, since they're always going to be different (and haven't been created until the compare is finished and the zulog file is created)?

General Support / Re: Does Zsoft compare file versions and dates?
« on: August 28, 2007, 11:27:03 PM »
No it does not. And it is not likely to do so either. It wouldn't be all that hard to add, but if something changes, what should be done upon uninstallation? Deleting it wouldn't be very wise, and it can't be replaced with the old file as ZU doesn't have that...

1) I would email the author of the program and ask why there was no mention of an OS file being replaced.
2) I backup my OS directory just in case a file crashes or something like the AVG Anti-virus false positive problem of last year occurs  (AVG incorrectly recognized Winlogon.exe as a trojan, and either quarantined or deleted it, causing many of their users to be unable to boot up.  They had to either boot to DOS and copy Winlogon.exe from a floppy or do a repair with their Windows disk).

This way I have a copy on a CD of all my
current OS files and can replace one in an emergency.  I also use an imaging program that copies my OS/Program files partition.

That's why a file comparison by date and version number would be advantageous, in my opinion.

I think several of the Karen Kenworthy's Karenware Powertools freeware programs can do it.  Her backup Replicator program copies file info and so does her directory printer program.

It's my understanding that the "Reg Deleted!" will be added back to the registry upon uninstalling a program.  I usually edit the zulog files and delete these as they consist of MRU's, counts, Zone Alarm information, or strings that are copies of Reg Added! ones.

Is there any reason these should be kept in the zulog file?

General Support / Does Zsoft compare file versions and dates?
« on: August 28, 2007, 06:37:41 PM »
I was just wondering if Zsoft compares file versions and dates when it does it's before and after installation scans.

If it doesn't, would it be a hard feature to add?  My main concern when analyzing the installation logs is to see if anything has been added to the Windows directory and the System and System32 subdirectories in particular.

It's not enough to just see if a file has been added.  Some programs might actually load a dll or exe file with the same name, but an older or newer version.   Windows should pick this up and ask if you want to replace a file, but I'm sure there are times when it misses a few (as indicated by the many trojans and viruses that replace existing OS files).

General Support / Re: Infected plz help
« on: August 28, 2007, 06:32:38 PM »
Get Hijackthis from Trend Micro and post a log to one of the many forums around the net that will analyze it for you (Castle Cops, etc.)

This may an even more stupid question but -

How do you backup files with Zsoft Uninstaller?  Where is that feature?  I didn't know it was a backup utility also.

Unless...Michelle is just referring to the Zulog files which can just be deleted through Windows Explorer.

General Support / Re: Safe to edit zulog and delete Reg deleteds?
« on: May 03, 2007, 05:52:08 AM »
Thanks for explaining that.  I didn't even notice the button, or if I did, it was when I first installed the program.

I really wouldn't take a chance on adding anything, as it might be something that needs to be deleted upon uninstalling.

General Support / Re: Safe to edit zulog and delete Reg deleteds?
« on: May 02, 2007, 09:06:30 PM »
If I use the ignore list function, won't I have to answer yes or no to every string?


In your first reply, you stated:
and sometimes, yes, there really is no reason for these values to be re-added. The MRU thing is one of these values. But this can be 'fixed' with the ignore list

What exactly is the ignore list?

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