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I've intentionally >:D removed this back on my XP computer.  Not recommended as it comes with a fresh OS install, but I never did notice any apparent side-effects.  I still don't know what it is to this day ;D

Updates From Author / Re: Next Release..?
« on: May 29, 2011, 05:02:47 PM »
Admin, any update on 64-bit development ???

General Support / Re: ZU "not responding"
« on: January 30, 2009, 11:14:21 PM »
It means what I suspected: conflicting software.  Something was trying to prevent ZU or hogging over it and refused to let go.  My first guess is a security program(s).

General Support / Re: ZU "not responding"
« on: January 30, 2009, 12:48:59 PM »
Is it the same if you try in Safe Mode?

You mean the TryDelete.dat?  Is it viewable through Notepad like the .zulog files?

Sometimes I know certain reg entries cannot be deleted no matter how many attempts because they are shared by other software currently in use.

I think you slightly misunderstood.  What user4 meant (I have the same thinking style) was for the items that have successfully been removed, why not remove them from the log as well (or provide an option to prompt whether the user wants to)?  Why the inefficient method of attempting to uninstall by the entire log again and again when it could easily be shrukened and updated?

Bugs / Re: Problems using ZSoft Uninstaller with 120 DPI font size
« on: February 23, 2008, 02:13:44 AM »

Bugs / Re: Problems using ZSoft Uninstaller with 120 DPI font size
« on: February 22, 2008, 06:59:54 AM »
v2.4.1 still has this issue.  Just curious, but what else should be there besides the Back button next to the Stop Search button?

The Weather / Re: Copyright...
« on: January 08, 2008, 10:01:38 PM »
This has become a yearly tradition >:D

Or just backup the entire registry before installing a software using ERUNT.  Sorry for the off-topic O0

I've noticed that in most cases when that message pops up, there is/are certain file(s) or registry entries being currently used by - none other than ZU itself ;D, which make sense if you had it running all the way through from installation to uninstallation of an application.  In other cases, I find that ZU can remove things that it otherwise can't while in Safe Mode.  And in rare cases with complicated registry keys, it simply can't delete it at all.

I've done the same with Notepad before, but after Admin advised against it, I wouldn't take the risk.  I've dont a bit of registry cleaning this year and it just created unforeseeable problems (not necessarily serious, but annoying enough to not be fixable) later down the road.  Due to a recent incident of registry-cleaning, I'm now on the path of reformatting (which I haven't done in years). 

If it's just MRU (Most Recently Used) entries, they can be easily and safely removed by something like CCleaner afterwards.

Feature Requests / Re: Maximize the Analyze Installation Window
« on: October 20, 2007, 12:02:12 AM »
Never thought of the copy all function (or that it would work).  Thanks for the tip, Majomo :)

Feature Requests / Maximize the Analyze Installation Window
« on: October 17, 2007, 11:25:03 PM »
Or at least the ability to stretch the bottom portion that shows the details of the files & registry keys that were just deleted/added.  Sometimes there are registry keys that ZU can't delete, and I'd like to see which ones without having to scroll up & down too much - it's a bit inconvenient.

I have a screenshot, but can't upload in this forum.

ZU doesn't have a 'reg changed', but registers it as 'reg deleted' and 'reg created'.

The changed part being classified as either of those 2 was something I didn't know about.  Thanks.

There is one remaining workaround for me:  I'll keep the logs as references for files & registry keys that I know are safe to manually remove if any are left around after running the programs' own uninstallers.  By safe I mean those that contain the program names.  So to be safe I won't run ZU on my edited logs; it'll just be potentially time-consuming ;)

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