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V2.5 under Win XP Pro SP3. There are many cases where the same program title appears more than once. This likely because some are updates to the originally installed program. It would be very useful to identify which are the originals and which are the updates.

V2.5 on Win XP Pro SP3. When some programs are uninstalled they leave a leftovers that are over 3000 (yes, thousands) items long. Buttons are needed to select all/none/everything on the page so that one need not click the box for each item.

Bugs / V2.5 Command icons disappear after uninstall and remnant removal.
« on: January 15, 2012, 02:37:54 AM »
Happens on V2.5, Windows XP Pro SP3.
When the program initially starts, the icons are all visible, but a some point in an uninstall they disappear. Moving the mouse over the hidden icon, then makes it visible and so it can be clicked.
This repeatable.

Happens on V2.5. After a program is uninstalled and remnants are removed, if you right-click another software program, there is an immediate display of a Message Box complaining of insufficient memory. However, one can select a program and click the Uninstall Icon and the uninstall will proceed.
This is completely repeatable.
OS is Windows XP Pro SP3.

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