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In first installing Uninstaller I have found a lot of the red X'd dead entries on my system and it is very tedious having to delete them one by one.  I would find it most helpful if I could highlight all of them and delete them all in one go, please. 

I dare say that safety dialogue to check that it is a desired multiple action would be a good idea with this, if possible, so that in case someone accidentally highlights everything they don't end up uninstalling all of their programs  :(.

Of course, if there is some way of doing this already that would be useful, but otherwise if it could be considered for a future version that would be good.

Thank you for considering this idea.   :)


General Support / Potential Registration Problems
« on: May 30, 2010, 08:58:41 AM »
I have managed to register now, but had difficulties in registering because not all of the letters in the garbled picture were showing up.  I only discovered this on listening to the letters, which incidentally I could only do by eventually managing to download the wav file.

These two matters could do with checking.  I am using Mozilla Firefox and do not usually have any problems of this kind elsewhere.


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